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Welcome to FLEX-i-LINK's website!FLEX-i-LINK'S flexible metal tennis nets are built to last!

photo of FLEX-i-LINK's woven metal, flexible, aluminum coated steel tennis net

For more than 60 years, professional purchasing agents have specified
FLEX-i-LINK woven metal tennis nets because...

  • FLEX-i-LINK costs no more than a good cord net, yet lasts many years longer. The LOWEST COST per year of ANY net!
  • FLEX-i-LINK is theft proof and tamper proof. A special attendant's key is necessary to adjust or remove the net
  • FLEX-i-LINK flexes but retains its smoothness. No rip... no sag... no tear!
  • FLEX-i-LINK resists weather and wear, minimizing costly maintenance problems!
  • FLEX-i-LINK is installed for the season, eliminating the daily putting up and taking down and/or checking nets in and out
  • FLEX-i-LINK is easily installed to existing posts, or to FLEX-i-LINK posts. View detailed diagram on FLEX-i-LINK'S Schematics page
  • FLEX-i-LINK replacement covers are available separately - no need to replace the entire net if all you need is the net cover!

FLEX-i-LINK woven, metal tennis nets are built to last! We guarantee no rips, sags or tears and can be used year around - for years! Our nets are vandal-proof, tamper proof and maintenance-free since it resists weathering.

Take a moment and browse through our site - we think you'll see why FLEX-i-LINK is perfect for your needs!

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